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We all love the jeep wave. It’s like being a part of a big family. And don’t you hate when you miss someone in your family when they’re waving at you? The jeep wave hand makes it, so that you never miss a wave again. Sometimes you’re distracted or you don’t happen to see the other jeep but this way you’re always covered and if you wave along with the hand you get a very strange look from the other driver but they always have a big smile on their face. So jump on board and be a part of the jeep wave family. Attach the jeep wave hand to your dashboard and be a part of another unique family.

The Jeep Wave History

If you are new to the Jeep Wave, or you are wondering why you see Jeep drivers waving to one and other when they pass by, we can explain. This is a gesture of mutual respect with a heritage dating back to World War 2.

The official Jeep wave history deems to be an honourific, one that is bestowed upon drivers with the class, pride and wisdom to own the ultimate USA utilitarian vehicle, the Jeep. The wave that is exchanged between drivers has a far longer history than you may think.

Despite the details being a little bit up in the air, most people tend to agree that it originated in World War 2. During this period, Jeeps were used widely in the army, and it is believed that the wave was a way of paying respect to high-ranking officers. It was used instead of the salute so that these officers would not be exposed.

Etiquette – Far More Than A Simple Gesture

More than just a simple gesture of respect, there is a point system in place. You can discover more about this by heading to the Jeep Wave Etiquette & Rules page, but generally speaking, this system is a hierarchy, revealing who should get waved at and why. You will be able to discover how many points you are entitled to based on the type of Jeep you have.

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