Jeep Wave History

jeep wave historyThe Jeep Wave is a phenomenon that has been going on for quite a while now, in fact, most people believe that it can be traced back to World War 2. The Jeep Wave is a gesture that a large majority of Jeep owners are aware of, however, we have provided full details on our website for anyone that is unsure or is thinking about joining the Jeep Wave but does not know how it works or what to expect.

Newbie Jeep owners soon quickly become aware of an unexpected cultural phenomenon, a tradition among Jeep drivers that seems to date back to the very original versions of them! During World War 2, the Jeep became a ubiquitous site, scurrying around the battlefields across multiple countries and continents. Those early Jeeps were always on the front lines; delivering vital supplies, equipment and urgent communications conducting medivacs, transporting injured infantrymen attempting daring rescues under fire, and bringing reinforcements.

Jeep Wave History – Where it Began

Some say that the dark days of WW2 is where the Jeep wave began – perhaps as quick way to identify friend from foe, or perhaps to acknowledge an officer without the obvious salute that might alert enemy snipers to his presence on the battlefield. Or perhaps it was just a friendly gesture from a soldier in one Jeep to the driver of another Jeep as they passed? A gesture of camaraderie and respect exchanged between between courageous men driving in grim and hazardous times.

The Jeep’s Beginnings:

The less romantic may say that the Jeep wave did not begin until after the war, when those brave fighting men returned home.

jeep wave historyRegardless of exactly when, during the long years of warfare, sturdy, hardworking Jeep had earned it’s place in the hearts of many. A lot of those men lucky enough to make it home alive wanted to own their own Jeep, and were proud to drive what was fast becoming an American tradition. Often the drivers of Jeeps passing each other on the nations highways would wave at each other, as they knew it was quite likely that each other had served in the military.

Some also some claim that the Jeep wave only started when civilians started buying Jeeps and taking them off road for recreation. They shared the fun and excitement of tackling seemingly impossible trails and obstacles in the nimble Jeep, which creates a rapport with other Jeep drivers. The wave acknowledges that mutual experience and an appreciation of the Jeeps off-road capabilities and the enjoyment that ownership can bring.

Regardless of the exact timing in the Jeep wave history, next time you see a Jeep on the road – give a friendly wave! It acknowledges the contribution of the Jeep to American history in fighting for freedom and the brave men who drove them to victory in many theaters of war.

Support the Jeep Wave

Now you know how to be involved in the Wave, so why not show everyone that you are part of the Jeep Wave movement by investing in a Jeep wave hand? By placing a Jeep wave hand on your vehicle, everyone that passes you will know that you are part of the friendly Jeep Wave movement. You can expect some friendly waves to come rolling in return, and more people will notice your Jeep on the road and get involved. Not only this, but a Jeep Wave sticker offers a great way of advertising the Wave, which in turn will cause more Jeep owners to embrace it.