Jeep Wave Rules

jeep wave rulesFirst and foremost, anyone that owns a Jeep is responsible for upholding this tradition. But, who waves first? Well, if you come into contact with a higher scoring Jeep – we will discuss the point system in a moment, you will need to be the one who waves first. You have to keep waving until your wave is returned, unless it is quite clear that you are being blatantly disregarded, in which case you can stop waving.

If a Jeeper waves at you, you are required to return the Wave. The only exception to this rule occurs when the vehicle in question clearly has a score below zero. However, you are encouraged to wave back to these vehicle owners, as you will be able to provide them with the advice and guidance they need to ensure they get rid of the negative score. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to wave back to a negative balance vehicle, you don’t have to.

So, how does the points system work? Firstly, you will be awarded points based on the type of Jeep you have, as you will see below:

  • Category A: You receive 30 points for PRE-CJ.
  • Category B: You receive 27 points for PRE-AMC CJ.
  • Category C: You receive 25 points for other CJ.
  • Category D: You receive 20 points for Commando.
  • Category E: You receive 16 points for YJ.
  • Category F: You receive 15 points for TJ.
  • Category G: You receive 10 points for Wagoneer or Cherokee.
  • Category H: You receive 5 points for all other Jeeps.
  • Category I: You receive no points for all other 4WD vehicles, excluding yuppie explorers.
  • Category J: You receive no points for all other vehicles.

There are then subcategories, which can also lead to additional points. Let’s take a look at a couple, starting with equipment adjustments. If you make drivetrain modifications, you can expect some additional points. You will receive three points for stone stock in a pre-1970 vehicle while you will get two points for all comfort enhancements removed for more power, an upgraded transfer cases, an upgraded transmission and improved internal mechanical parts. Finally, you will get one point for improving exterior mechanical parts.

Aside from this, there are additional points for modifying, let’s take a look at these below:

  • MSC 1: You will receive 30 points for top off; driver, vehicle and all occupants covered with mud.
  • MSC 2: You will receive 20 points for top partially; some occupants and the vehicle covered with mud.
  • MSC 3: You will receive ten points if the top is one and the vehicle is covered with mud.
  • MSC 4: You will receive five points for top off during heavy rain, hail, sleet or snow.
  • MSC 5: You won’t lose any points or gain any points for it being somewhat dirty.
  • MSC6: You will lose ten points if the keep was been cleaned recently yet it has re-muddied a bit in quick succession.
  • MSC7: You will lose thirty points if the keep is dry, clean, untested and unscratched.